Monday, July 22, 2013

RichView v13.12.1 Full Source

v13.XX series History

v13.12.1 (2012-Aug-28)

v13.12 (2012-Aug-22)
new: QuickAccess property of StyleTemplate
chg: TRichView.UseStyleTemplates=False by default

v13.11.1 (2012-Aug-14)

v13.11 (2012-Aug-9)
new: StyleTemplates - "real styles".
See the details in the protected forums.
If you do not want using them now, assign rv.UseStyleTemplates=False for all TRichView and TRichViewEdit controls in your project
fixes and tweaks


Thanks skydevil  

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  1. Unfortunately, it's not working.
    There are missing files to compile/install.