Sunday, April 22, 2012

Interactive Tutorial Borland Delphi

Title: Interactive Tutorial - Borland Delphi
Publication Type: Portable free video course
Purpose: Training Video
Developer: Unknown
Year: 2011
Platform: PC
Language: Russian
Tablet: Not required

Installation: The file is a handy shell, which after installation, you can view the video course in good quality and resolution.

Description: This tutorial is designed for both beginners and to have mastered the Delphi and wishing to expand their knowledge and design capabilities of professional programs. You will learn how to work with components in the Form Designer, review projects and Designer Object Inspector, and a tool palette and toolbar. You also learn that the new program is presented in Delphi 2007. Interactive lessons, articulated by a professional announcer, an opportunity to directly participate in the training process will help you quickly and fully seize opportunities programs.


Chapter 1. The main components of the programming environment
The main components of the programming environment
Main Menu

Chapter 2. Toolbar
Description of buttons
Changing the configuration panel

Chapter 3. Project Designer
Project Designer
Tab forms designer
Tab of the program code
History tab of the module changes

Chapter 4. Working with components in the form designer
Placement and selection of components to form
Moving components
Overlapping objects
Setting up a grid form designer

Chapter 5. The Object Inspector
Properties tab
Tab of Events (Events)

Chapter 6. Project Manager
Project Manager

Chapter 7. Tool Palette
Description of the tool palette
Browse Pages Toolbox
Standard Components
Standard components 2

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